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A Blessing for When Your Pants Don’t Fit

(a poem)

May the first thing you see
At the top of your twitter feed
Be an otter
Scratching its butt
On a tree.

May you turn those pants
In a fit of inspiration
Into a scarf
Far prettier than pants
Have a right
To be.

May the next person you meet
Say you look like a treat.
And may your lunch
Have plenty
Of cheese.

May your fingers fly fast
Across the keyboard of life
So someone else says
I feel that feel

May the news
Not make you cry.
Maybe no one could die
Just for one day
Everyone can behave.

May you stumble upon
The thing you’re meant to do
The pants you’re supposed to wear
The path you’re meant to take
Quite by mistake

And may the white rabbit come
with his broken pocket watch
saying I’m late
I’m so late
I was supposed to be here
years ago
finally explore
the underland.
And you don’t have
To come back
You can be the one
Who stays
After all

My friend
There are so many pants in the world.

Thanks for reading! This poem was written in response to a short prompt Kyrie Gray tagged me in a million years ago. You can read about her perfect day HERE.

If you liked this poem thing, then consider following me on twootter. Wait. I think that’s spelled “twutter.”

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Engaged in inadvisable wordsmitheries and other creative acts.

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