Who is this weirdo?

Hi there! My name is Sarah. In 2018 I quit my job and began freelancing. At the same time I started writing here, because the internet told me it was The Thing To Do. My plan was to create helpful content about writing, marketing and freelancing, but I lost the script. Things got… silly.

I’ve transitioned out of the freelance life and am currently working as a copywriter at a Seattle marketing agency. I'm also still Mediuming as much as I can. If you wanna see some of my more professional (ish) work, or get in contact, here’s my outdated website.

I tend to write exactly what I want to write here, which means a fair number of comedy pieces, but also some short stories and ponderings on creativity. I like the inexplicable, the mysterious and especially the absurd. Credit to my partner for the turn of phrase, but my “brand” can be summed up as “whimsy gilded in darkness.” If that sounds good to you, hi. Happy to meet you.

Other things I do: I have a pretty hearty illustration hobby. I draw animals doing human stuff and you can check out my work on Instagram if you want. (You don’t have to.) I also have a Redbubble store. One of my most popular drawings is this image of an otter swimming in a bowl of ramen:

I’m on twitter too much if you’d like to connect there. I also have a newsletter that I send out each month. It’s free and I’d never sell your info or do anything predatory, because the guilt would be too intense for me. This is probably the best way to stay up to date with my whole deal.

There’s also the dance thing. We probably don’t have space to get into the dance thing.

Mostly I adore telling stories. I'm addicted to language and figuring out how to make sentences flow and pop. I like how phrases and ideas can bounce around from brain to brain, gaining meaning and momentum. When life’s tricky, I find reassurance in knowing there’s a laugh nestled in every situation. I only have to find it. I’ve written a number of sci-fi and fantasy novels and one day I’ll publish something.

If you’re not a member and you’d like to be able to read all my stories whenever you like, this link will lead you to a place where you can sign up for Medium (full disclosure, I get paid, too!). No one has ever used that link to sign up for a single thing, so you would be the first.

I’m also building a list where you can access books by other writers on Medium. If you’re looking for something new to sink your teeth into, I’m sure they’d be thrilled if you checked out their work.

Here are a few of my top/favorite pieces:

- I’m really proud of this short story, because it’s the first time I was successful in marrying my tendency toward the absurd with writing that’s more literary in nature.

- Pettiness in the face of overwhelming horror is one of my favorite vibes to write.

- I had a traumatic, clown-based experience when I was five and writing this post helped me take my power back.

- I keep trying to express one specific idea from different angles and this short story might be the closest I’ve gotten.

Yay! If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably knew all of this, but for anyone else who might stumble onto this profile and wonder what the heck is going on around here: Hiiiiiiiii. It’s a weird, but nice place.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you. 😊

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