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Come On Over to The Cool Kids’ Table

a poem

Hey there.
It’s happened.
You’ve been dreaming
your entire life.
Did you realize
even your parents dreamed
this dream
for you.

What was your name?

I like your bangs.

Here’s the situation:

Addison told Zoe that Breck’s way of setting his boots on the table was less “cute” and more “studied” which would not have been a deal at all, except for the whole shadiness with the study notes not to mention the making out and really I don’t want to get into it because it’s a total mess, hey, but when you dress like a Rachel and act like a Monica, who’s to know you’re not really feeling the whole “couples” vibe on the socials and you’re looking for something a little less gossip proof, if you know what I mean.

You totally know what I mean.

All this to say,

There’s a spot opened up
at the cool kids’ table
and I’m thinking your shape
could be the one that fits.


I like your bag.

I like the way you hold your head,
like you’re not inclined to have opinions
that might clash
with mine.

Hey, are you on Instagram?

This kind of opportunity
doesn’t happen
every day. I don’t
have to show you
what it looks like
when you’re sitting
next to me.

Have you ever been lonely?
Not me. I never get lonely.
They say it can be lonely sometimes
sitting out there
away from me.

You won’t have to wonder
if you don’t belong.
There’s nothing wrong
with you


I like your shoes.

I can’t wait
till our veins run gray
and our teeth fall out
all those years
from now
we’ll be at this table
holding hands.
You’ll always be safe
if you sit
with me.

Move over, Conner.
Make room
for our friend.
It all starts today.

What was your name?

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