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Pumpkin Patch, PHOTO: Sarah Lofgren

Creative Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

Suggestions based on items you have around the home.

Everyone knows the time to start thinking about your Halloween costume is immediately after the previous Halloween. This gives you lots of time to sift through ideas, create sketches, workshop funny voices, and really get into character.

Paris Syndrome

I always enjoy dressing up in costumes I have to explain to people. You too can get some good mileage out of confusing and unintentionally obscure costumes.

Obnoxious Frat Boy at Halloween

You know what’s going to be a popular costume this year? Bill Cosby. Yes, I also weep for humanity. But, instead of falling prey to the temptation of throwing on a vibrant sweater and carrying around a box of pudding pops, think a little harder.

SnapChat Filter

Old people will think you’re very cool and young people will have the opportunity to roll their eyes at you. But how do you craft a SnapChat Filter costume only with items around your home?

One of Your Past Lives

The great thing about this costume is that it is immune to criticism. If people tell you your costume is stupid, they’re calling your past life stupid and good friends wouldn’t dare do that.

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