I understand your stress! I’ve made the choice to continue flying, because I love to travel, but the prestress can be almost as bad as the time in the air. I did talk with a therapist to get some strategies if that’s something you’re interested in looking into. I also read the book Hope and Help for Your Nerves and applied the strategies to flying. The author talks about the path through anxiety requiring a four step process in which you face your fears, accept them, float through them, and allow time to pass. It’s helped. Noise cancelling headphones also help, as they decrease the overwhelming nature of flying. I like to use an adult coloring book or play Nintendo switch on the plane. They both take me out of my head. Typically I can’t focus enough to read. Avoid caffeine and get as much sleep as you can before the flight.

A lot of people have reached out to me because of this piece and I don’t feel all that qualified to help, except to say I understand how you feel and it sucks. Medication does make it easier. You can do this!

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