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Graphic by Sarah

Jealousy: The Dream Squelcher Sabotaging your Creative Work

How to starve that green-eyed monster into submission

Jealousy is an old, old friend of mine. He’s been hanging out in my brain since I was a kiddo in hightop sneakers and scrunchies. Whenever I didn’t get the lead role in the school play, or when someone drew a better picture then me, the monster would start mucking around, turning everything in my head green and slimy.

How it twists and squeezes

When I transformed others into competitors, they became less than human in my mind. Even while I lusted after their accomplishments, I reduced them into check marks.

Showing the monster the way out

But how can you rid yourself of that monster, when he shows up at your door again and again, when he sat by your cradle from the very beginning, teaching you how to measure your twisted first steps?

Written by

Engaged in inadvisable wordsmitheries and other creative acts.

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