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Movies for Undiscriminating Dog Lovers

They may not be good, but they certainly have dogs in them!

Nature photographer Danny doesn’t need a dog in his life. All he needs is his camera and the road. Or, that’s what he thinks! Danny starts to realize that every time he gets in a rough spot, different dogs appear to try and help him out. When Danny gets kidnapped by Icelandic militants, will he finally be able to accept a helping paw?

Kipper the Corgi dreams of being the fastest corgi in the Canterbury Corgi Races, but every time she practices racing, she falls down. Will Kipper learn to overcome her own natural clumsiness? Or will she embrace the power of the cute fall? Also her owner has cancer and he dies. The title of the film is a metaphor for not living very long.

Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War, but he couldn’t have done it without Buddy, his loyal war hound at his side. Follow Buddy as he hunts down confederate soldiers and provides Lincoln with the inspiration necessary to write the Gettysburg Address. Your heart will drop when Lincoln leaves Buddy tied up outside Ford’s Theater. Don’t do it, Lincoln! Buddy just wants to protect you (and freedom).

What if God was a dog? Peter discovers the answer to this question when he dies in a tragic cement accident and finds himself facing The Almighty Bark, a golden retriever who also happens to be God. Peter gets to ask The Almighty Bark three questions and the answers to those questions could change everything. Don’t worry, because at the end of the movie, it turns out the dog isn’t really God.

Molly the sheepdog can’t imagine a better life than the one she has, herding sheep and helping her owner keep the farm safe. Then one day a wolf sneaks into the paddock and kills a sheep. The wolf is dangerous, and yet so attractive. Molly is angry! But turned on! After a lifetime of putting the farmer first, maybe it’s time to take a bite out of her own dreams.

A fun gang of dogs likes to hang out at the skatepark and do tricks. They wear sunglasses and baggy pants and are dubbed to say things like “hang tight” and “hey dude”. One of the dogs is named Franky. The plot is very complicated and not worth mentioning. Lots of cameos by actors you love and a soundtrack that will have you snapping your fingers. Pick up the Kool Dawgs calendar in stores now!

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