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The Half Awake World

a poem

Welcome to the Half Awake World
It’s better if
you don’t stay long.

We’re commited to making this
a liminal thing.

When you don’t submit to dreams
They carve their shadows
on your face
And others in the Half Asleep World
Know a sunken sibling
when they see one.

We spotted you from across the street
Your bedsheets trailing in the nothing breeze
Your coat wrapped tight
The popping sun.

The pavement looks like pillows
In the Half Asleep World
Your head weighs eight hundred
and five million pounds.

Conversations with the Fully Awake
Are filled with mushy
split pea words
Maybe they’ll let you go
They don’t know you were ever holding on.

A cloud could be a death bomb ray
Waiting to mist you in particular
But running is something you
used to do
So take the ride
And tip more than what’s fair
reach out the window
as you fly
colors in your hands
You’ve never named this lake in your hair
The birds
Just squawk squawk squawk
not interested in explanations
about how you used to have teeth

this report needs to get filed
Save it for the Fully Awake World
it might come back
one day.

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Written by

Engaged in inadvisable wordsmitheries and other creative acts.

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