Photo by Ariv Gupta on Unsplash

Tired? Stop Doing These Four Ridiculous Things

It’s an instant energy boost.

Sarah Lofgren
3 min readSep 25, 2022


Does it ever seem like everyone is tired these days? Fortunately, there are a few activities you can eliminate from your life to give yourself an extra jolt of vigor, keeping you fully conscious and slightly productive all day long.

1. Challenging your friends to coffee drink-offs at 11:34pm every day

Sure it’s fun in the moment. It makes you seem like the cool guy who is up for anything and really likes coffee. Maybe that identity is important to you.

But, when you and your friends compete to see who can chug the most hot bean brew before your scalded esophaguses and racing hearts force you to quit, you’re doing something called “damaging your sleep.” That’s right! Drinking nine pots of caffeinated heaven juice every evening prevents you from getting high quality rest. And sleep is important if you want to feel awake at some point. (Shocking, but true.)

2. Building a life-sized replica of the great white shark from Jaws the Revenge out of used tuna fish cans

Don’t get me wrong—it’s cool that you’re doing it. Do I think you should have gone with the shark from the first Jaws movie and not the lesser masterpiece, Jaws the Revenge? Yes. Do I think you should have used materials other than used tuna fish cans, because the analogy is a little on-the-nose? Yes. All the same, I respect your passion.

But, sometimes you have to let go of important hobbies, because they can start to drain you. (Also your landlord asked me to talk to you, because your neighbors are starting to complain about the smell.)

3. Healing your trauma

I don’t care what kind of trauma it is. Could be acute, chronic, or complex. Maybe you’re trying to end a cycle of generational trauma that’s haunted your family for centuries. Well, cut it out. That’s shit’s exhausting. The healing process saps your resources to stitch together those aching wounds. Fire the therapist, throw away the books, and avoid having any discussion deeper than a puddle. The next generation will take care of it. 😉